Abstract: Green house is generally a building of small or large structures. The structure of the green house is made of walls and the translucent roof, with the capability of maintaining the planned climatic condition. It ensures the growth of plants that requires a specified level of soil moisture, sunlight, humidity and temperature. The green house systems available are human monitored systems that entail the continuous human visit causing distress to the worker and also decrease in the yield if the temperature and the humidity are not properly and regularly maintained. This paves way for the concept of the green house automation. The green house automation formed by the incorporation of the Internet of things and the embedded system addresses the problem faced in the green house and provides with the automated controlling and monitoring of the green house environment replacing the undeviating administration of the farmers. This paper also proposes the automation using internet of things in green house environment by using the Netduino 3 and employing the sensors for the sensing the moisture, temperature, sunlight and humidity, to enhance the production rate and minimize the discomfort caused to the farmers.

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