Of all the renewable energies, solar energy is the only energy gained its popularity and importance quickly. Through the solar tracking system, we can produce an abundant amount of energy which makes the solar panel’s workability much more efficient. Perpendicular proportionality of the solar panel with the sun rays is the reason lying behind its efficiency. Pecuniary, its installation charge is high provided cheaper options are also available. This project is discussed all about the design and construction mechanism of the prototype for the solar tracking system having a single axis of freedom. The main control circuit is based upon NodeMcu microcontroller. Programming of this device is done in the manner that the LDR sensor, in accordance with the detection of the sun rays, will provide direction to the DC Motor that in which way the solar panel is going to revolve. Through this, the solar panel is positioned in such a manner that the maximum amount of sun rays could be received. In comparison with the other motors, DC motor is the simplest and the suave one, the torque of which is high and speed of which is slow enough. We can program it for changing the direction notwithstanding the fact that it rotates only in one direction subject to exception as far as programming is concerned. 1985, first time ever it was witnessed for production of the silicon solar cells with an efficiency of 20%. Though a hike in the efficiency of the solar panel had a handsome increase still perfection was a far-fetched goal for it. Below 40%, most of the panels still hover to operate. Consequently, peoples are compelled to purchase a number of panels in order to meet their energy demands or purchase single systems with large outputs. Availability of the solar cells types with higher efficiencies is on provided they are too costly to purchase. Ways to be accessed for increasing solar panel efficiencies are a plethora in number still one of the ways to be availed for accomplishing the said purpose while reducing costs, is tracking. Tracking helps in the wider projection of the panel to the Sun with increased power output. It could be dual or single axis tracker. Duality ragged up with better compatibility as far as tracking of the sunlight from both the axis is concerned. Commercially single tracker is cheaper to use through booming of power is considerable and therefore a minuscule increase in the price is worthy and acceptable, provided maintenance cost should float around on an average level.

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