This project on “Automatic Plant Irrigation System” is intended to create an automated irrigation mechanism which turns the pumping motor ON and OFF by detecting the dampness/moisture content of the earth. In the domain of farming, utilization of appropriate means of irrigation is significant. The benefit of employing these techniques is to decrease human interference and still make certain appropriate irrigation. The proposed model consists of three stages: Firstly, sensing the land’s moisture levels. Second stage is the determination of its status: dry or wet. The last and third stage is Motor control. This project proposes the development of Automatic Plant Irrigation System (APIS) capable of detecting loss of moisture in soil using the soil moisture sensor. Specifically, APIS utilizes the Soil Moisture Sensor to detect water content level in soil and give appropriate responses to the system based on detected condition. Using this response, APIS determines whether or not the land needs to be irrigated. In the current version, APIS is capable of detecting and irrigating a small area that can be considered to be under a single pump’s coverage. Implemented using Operational Amplifier LM358, APIS uses live input data to determine the conditions. APIS represents our most basic step towards automated farming to improve turnover and reduce the impact of draught or loss due to irrigation issues.

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