With this project, we achieved successful results by testing out the questions asked at the beginning of the paper. The purpose of the smart irrigation system for large or small scale and make it smarter and more effective. Different sensors (Soil Moisture, Light, Temperature, level, rain, flow ) with different another device |(water pump, Battery, LCD, Solenoid valve ) have been used to make this project. Using Arduino proved profitable, it is able to serve numbers of different sensors, at the same time and the markets offer various type and sizes of sensors. Arduino boards are another device. Furthermore, two woody tables and three sheets of foam have been used in the project. Several of design criteria had used in this system. The sensors used was perfect in detecting and sending signals to Arduino, to control the water pump and to open the solenoid valve, it has been tasted indoor as it is on the farm. The purpose of screen monitor is to show the flow for each line, which shows if there is any passing of water in pipes. Also, if it is raining the system will not work in order to save the water. The mobile application is to control the system remotely. Which allow a user to monitor the whole system and if there is any problem or passing of water user can switch off the system through this application.

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