In this project an automation of farm irrigation and soil moisture control by Arduino using soil moisture sensor and L293D module. This automatic irrigation system senses the moisture content of the soil and automatically switches the pump when the power is on. A proper usage of irrigation system is very necessary because the main reason is the shortage of land reserved water due to lack of rain, spontaneous use of water as a result large amounts of water goes waste. For this reason, we use this automatic plant watering and soil moisture monitoring system and this system is very useful in all climatic conditions. India is the agriculture based country. Our most of peoples are completely depended on the agricultural harvesting. Agriculture is a source of employment of majority Indians and has great impact on the economy of the country. In dry areas or in case of lacking rainfall, irrigation becomes difficult. So, it needs to be automated for proper watering a plant and handled remotely by farmer. When soil goes dry pump will start watering. The aim of the implementation is to reduce water use and automatic irrigation can be used for save time and low power monitor device. The aim of the implementation this project was to demonstrate that the automatic plant irrigation can be used to reduce water use, and save your time.

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