Auto switching car door-lock system based on facial recognition using MATLAB, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


 Door-locks and its corresponding technology form an important aspect in today’s technological sphere and are essential in protecting one’s belongings. The objective of this project is to recognize and annotate the human action in an unconstrained environment, where the images contain a huge range of variability for car door lock system. A high-level security mechanism is provided by the consecutive actions such as initially system captures the human face and check whether the human face is detected properly or not. If the face is not detected properly, it warns the user to adjust his/her face properly to access the system. Still, if the face is not detected properly the system will lock the door of the car for security purpose. As soon as the door is locked, the system will automatically generate a password. After the system recognizes the face it sends a signal to the main door-lock unit which response by granting access to the individual by opening the door of the car. This high security is achieved using this car door lock system.

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