An Automated Hydroponics System Based on Mobile Application, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


Thai government is attempting to enhance agricultural productivity by launching campaign “Thailand 4.0” to educate farmers and raise incomes and improves the living standard of farmers. Thailand 4.0″ should be changed to make a major shift from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture by focusing on Smart Farming. . Hydroponics has become popular to grow plant without soil and many studies were shown that plants grown with hydroculture are high quality and consume fewer resources than traditional growing methods. The purposes of the research are to design and develop the automation controlling and monitoring plant growth hydroponics system and evaluate the effect of using this prototype. This system is able to control significant environmental factors that affect plant growth including temperature, humidity, and water. The application system is automatically mixed the selected solution to obtain the desired value and also collects information about the amount of solution mixed at the time of planting and it can be used to estimate the cost of growing vegetables and calculate the profitability of each vegetable to make the decision to grow. This study demonstrates the successful application of plants grown with hydroculture to improve in pH sensor stability and the system works well in the automated mode.

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