Alcohol detection for Driver safety Kit (Assembled), 100% Tested


In the present day’s alcohol-attributable accidents are increasing rapidly where the concern as alcohol is a factor in many categories of injury. Every year it is reported about 2.3 million premature deaths due to harmful consumption of alcohol . In this project we proposed an improved alcohol detection for use in an automobile ignition locking system using MQ03.

A sensor is used for a specific volume of the breath sample, which is used to determine the alcohol content. A Alcohol Sensor MQ3 is used to convert the output into a reading which represents the breath alcohol content of the breath sample. This analysis is used as part of an overall automobile ignition locking system which prohibits starting the car when the operator is intoxicating. The system also requires rolling retests to ensure that the driver is still sober.

Working –

In this project we are Useing this simple circuit to detect the presence of Alcohol. This kind circuit is used by Police officials to prevent drunk driving. It gives a beep when it detects the Alcohol vapour. MQ3 Alcohol sensor is now readily available and you can make the device very easily. When the Sensor detects alcohol vapour, it gives output voltage depending on the concentration of alcohol molecules in the air.

MQ3 sensor has six pins and pins 1, 2, and 3 can be shorted and connected to positive rail. Pin 5 goes to ground. Pins 4 and 6 are shorted and used as output. Resistor R1 and Pot VR act as load for the sensor and adjusts the sensitivity. Output voltage triggers T1 which drives the Buzzer and LED. MQ3 sensor works off 5 volts DC so regulator IC 7805 is used to give 5 volts.