A Novel Approach for Smart Hydroponic Farming Using IoT, Ready Kit, 100% Tested


The effects of the global warming make more difficult for planting in uncontrolled environment. In traditional farming method, farmers require fine quality of soil with natural mineral strengths. It also requires working cost for ploughing and removal of weeds and also needs large amount of space and water. In case of seasonal plants, the yield does not satisfy the customer needs and the expectation of farmers in productivity. For these reasons, a farming method which needs lesser requirements in cost factor and also it easy to maintain and control the important factors such as light, water level temperature, and humidity throughout the year is needed. This proposed work presents a Hydroponic style of farming which is the method of growing plants without soil & sunlight. In this method the plants are grown with only their roots exposed to the mixture of ash fertilizer with water instead of underground soil. This method is a type of indoor agriculture style which is independent of weather, and it also avoids the cost of ploughing and labour works. Watering and controlling of humidity is done with the help of a microcontroller Kit connected to Wireless sensor network with internet which senses the humidity, temperature and water level. With the help of this IoT technology, the real time status of plant’s growth could be monitored by the authorized person from remote location. This technology helps efficiently for the agricultural development with minimum resource utilization.

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