we are living in a world that is in a state of constant upgradation, but there is one ubiquitous problem that we haven‘t been able to deal with, the problem that is impeding our advancement to a hygienic, clean and healthy society, is garbage. Mostly in our daily life we encounter dustbins that are excessively full and garbage spilling out of them. This kind of situation is neither good for our environment nor for our advancement. This problem leads to huge number of diseases as large number of insects and mosquitoes breed on the waste accumulated in this garbage. Hence, we developed a project to control the overfilling of the dustbin by making the dustbin smart enough to notify itself for its cleaning. In this project the smart dustbin management system is built on the microcontroller based system having ultrasonic sensors on each of the four dustbins that will show the current status of garbage on the LCD screen as well as on the mobile.

Block Diagram:-

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